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GHMW Products is a part of MW Group

GHMW Products is a part of MW Group and form an important base for the delivery of unique and world leading services. As a reseller, GHMW Products evaluate functions, usability, and quality before taking products into use and offering them on the markets. All products offered by GHMW are rated as best in class, assessed through our service deliveries, and they all serve the purpose of building a strong society. Our clients range from public to private companies and we work in close co-operations with the Nordic defence forces.


Decontamination unit

Cleamix VCS100-CR


Cleamix decontamination system was initially designated for neutralizing chemical warfare agents in military use. It was co-developed with Finnish Defence Forces and National Research Laboratory of Finland (VTT). This Development lead to a revolutionary tactical solution for the decontamination of logistics facilities, transport vehicles & containers, sterile disposable equipment, hospitals, and packaging materials. The solution has a very high capacity and can be configured to operate in spaces up to 5000m3, reaching Log-6 and tested on all known biological and chemical warfare substances (including VX and Anthrax).

Operating principles

Compact, briefcase-sized unit is designed for mobile decontamination, wherever the need appears. Superior hydrogen peroxide vapour generation than any other comparable device. The operator specifies the desired H2O2 concentration and treatment duration, state of art sensors monitoring the level of H2O2 concentration generated and condensation point; real time adjustment of H2O2 vapor output, heating and air-drying to maintain desired decontamination parameters. The unique Cleamix control software enables hydrogen peroxide and water vapor levels to be maintained below saturation point. The operator monitors the process in real time via a tablet connected to the system via Wi-Fi or cable. Because the process is kept below saturation point, the system can be used in high technology spaces, vehicles, aircrafts etc without the risk of causing oxidation of damage to the targeted object.

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Michael Yngvesson

VP Sales GHMW Products


Next Generation Decentralized Scalable Mesh Network


The solution is built on Mesh technology with unique software, developed by our cyber security company eCiceron. This enables a high security level, suitable to all users, independently if you operate public or private business or would like to enable communication in remote locations. The solution is decentralized, self-healing and auto scaling, built to be robust and efficient. The solution can be deployed as complementary network in cities and as last-mile solution in remote areas, or as a fast deployment solution used in the event of crisis, natural disasters or other situation where a temporary reliable communication is needed. The eCMesh solution has a unique implementation of todays routing protocols, designed for sustainability and energy efficiency.

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Delivery model

The eCMesh network is delivered as a full managed service where we design the network based on our customers requirements, deliver it using our Field Service organisation in MW Group and monitor the service through our NOC function served by eCiceron. With this set-up we can guarantee a solution that deliver the required service levels without jeopardizing security or information safety at any stage.


Marc Rantanen

VP Cyber GHMW Products